Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Love and the Challenge to Slow Down

So after flying back to Berlin and getting off at a non-sketchy airport (though Germans in line were already complaining and moaning. Leave it! Seriously! Don't you know how lucky you are to even consider a 20-min-wait in line a problem of yours?), I spent a few days in the ever hospitable and so very relaxing home of my grandparents, then spent a couple of days of doing nothing at the Baltic Sea with my parents, and now am at my grandparents' again, taking care of study/internship stuff for this coming year, working on my translation project (which has suddenly grown into immense proportions), and just enjoying myself thoroughly at the closest thing to home that the European continent can offer me right now. =) I'm happy to have the translations, though it is quite a heavy weight on my shoulders, because it does give this time a bit of a purpose. Having to spend a certain amount of time in summer without concrete 9-to-5 employment is obviously very lucky and I am glad of the opportunity, but I can also understand the slight frustration of the unemployed - being accustomed to working/reading/doing pleasure activities at McGill around the clock, taking life a little slower is, I think, my big challenge this summer. So, there the possibility of working long hours in the night on translations gives me the perfect opportunity of getting back into the old style of life. Not that I'll much enjoy the lack of sleep tomorrow morning...

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