Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wow… First two (and a half) weeks in Paris

The thing about a blog is that it is a contradiction in itself. If you have something exciting that you are doing, you don’t have time to blog about it. And if you do blog, you have the time to do so, therefore your time isn’t filled out with exciting social encounters and adventures.

With this words, sorry for being so absent (though how many people read this anyway is another question), but I have had a splendid time in Paris in the meantime and was quite busy. Let me see whether I remember all I accomplished:

1. Got a phone.

2. Found an apartment.

3. Got a bank account (nearly. Only one more meeting. Okay? Please? Send me all the right documents now??)

4. Got a Sciences Po student card.

5. Found an apartment (oops. got that already.l But it’s really cool!!)

6. Made a tarte aux mirabelles, my first French baking experience in Paris. Those chocolate chip cookies didn’t count. At all. In fact, they didn’t even count in my stomach.

7. Biked around with a baguette under my arm and felt very Parisian.

8. Settled my health care (nearly. Just one more signature to go and get… Story of my life.)

9. Messed up a job interview and applied for three more, none of which have gotten back to me. Not really an accomplishment, but loads of my time.

10. Moved into my new place!

All this makes me occasionally consider myself like a true Parisian and scoff at the tourists running through the city to see all the sights in 3 days like I did three years ago. Instead, I go sit in my favourite cafe, have a café au lait and do some people watching while I scour the internet sites for more job offers. It’s a good life.

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