Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Paris Beauvais is not a real Paris airport... and maybe not a real airport at all

1. The shuttle bus takes off from the very periphery of the city three hours before your flight.
2. Thus, the shuttle bus journey to Beauvais took me longer than the flight to Spain.
3. After the journey of 1h30min (I saw one blogger saying "I thought we were already in Belgium"), you realize you didn't have to be there early anyways because the whole airport is one shack with two security lines, a passport control with empty seats and one coffee shop. The security check line took literally all of 3 minutes.
4. Around the airport, there is advertisement for tourism in the Valle de l'Oise region... but not for Paris. Strange?
5. Landing, I saw not one but two hares run off the runway.
6. After landing back in Beauvais, the pilot said... "and we wish you a pleasant stay in the Paris ... region."

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