Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good bye Party!

Before finals hit and everybody left town, I wanted to say goodbye properly and in style – with a French-themed goodbye party.

Party 2

We were dressed up à la Parisienne, made some delicious ratatouille,

Party 1

… and celebrated a new adventure. It was a great night for me, and I hope my friends had as much fun as I had.

Party 3

In the meanwhile, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull (yahoo tells me it’s pronounced ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl) apparently decided to rebel against its name, erupt, spew ashes all over Europe and bog down European air traffic for 5 whole days. People had been stranded worldwide, trying to get any means of transportation back to the continent, apparently even including cargo ships… Hopefully, air traffic will be again fully on schedule in 23 days, but this only shows how even the most detailed travel plan can be annihilated … by a simple act of Mother Nature.

And in the category of my favorite things in Montreal, how about the ubiquitous conferences, talks and meetings? Amy Goodman from Democracy Now is coming to the McGill campus on Saturday, and for tomorrow, I was lucky enough to get a $50 ticket to the Montreal Millennium Summit for free! My friend Emma had connections to a club that gave away tickets, and we are going to the public session tomorrow of “a prestigious international conference that brings together leaders in development from government, civil society and academia”, to quote their website. They concentrate on the UN Millennium Development Goals and highlight successful development projects. Speakers tomorrow include Al Gore (!!!), the grandson of Jacques-Yves Costeau, actress Kristen Davis and Duchess Sarah Ferguson. I’m sooo excited!

Millennium Summit

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