Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wanderlust and Wehmut

First things first before I start to ramble… I got my passport back this morning with a Russian visa in it! I still cannot believe that this actually happened just like that; I was prepared for a lot more red tape and bureaucratic obstacles. Now, however, I can legally enter Russia for my language studies and go to our group’s info meeting tomorrow in the knowledge that this will actually happen!

With a month to go, though, before leaving Montreal for at minimum a year, more likely nearly a year and a half, I am reflecting more and more on my decision. I am extremely happy to go, to explore something new, enhance my language skills, take awesome courses on Europe and of course make new acquaintances and hopefully many friends. It’s funny how German words are often integrated into the English language because they are more precise in describing feelings – Wanderlust completely epitomizes this. And I am sure that, were I not travelling this summer, I would have even stronger Wanderlust and would be bored by staying another summer in the same city.

At the same time, Wehmut grips my heart from time to time. This could be translated as a mixture of melancholy and heart ache (wow, that sounds worse than it is, actually). I guess it’s just that in preparing to leave a place, you appreciate even more how beautiful it is and how fulfilled your life is there. I mean, I’m coming back, but it won’t be the same Montreal I’m leaving. The places you live in are, in my opinion, strongly shaped by the people you are living with there, and unfortunately, many of my friends will be leaving after their last year at McGill next year. On the other hand, this summer I’ll finally be able to visit my Swiss friends again! I guess it’s just this realization that life is constantly changing and moving that makes you want to hold on to every good moment and make it last – but once you accept to move with life instead of opposing change, you’ll just gain more experiences, make more friends and have an even richer and more fulfilling life than you started out with. Especially because in changing and moving you often win more than you lose, particularly with good friends. I just hope I can keep in touch with as many as I want to!

P.S. In the spirit of loving life in Montreal as long as I’m still here, me and my roommate splurged and got tickets for the new Cirque de Soleil show… Exciting!!!

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