Monday, August 27, 2012

Packing Paranoia

Oh travel preparations. I am sitting here at 1:47am, in one of the dresses I bought in a second-hand store to wear at a costume party because it is one of the only items of clothing I own that is not packed away in one of three suitcases, and cannot will my mind to rest because it is racing with all the last-minute to-do list items that I under no circumstances must forget. Call credit card company and tell them I am going abroad. Print out hostel reservations. Buy new set of measuring cups and spoons since those are some of the few life-essential items I cannot get in Europe. And I am sure I am forgetting at least one or two important things that -as mentioned - I should not be forgetting. Oh well. Sometimes I feel like the last couple days of preparation are the worst mentally, especially if you have ample time to do things such as packing. With more than enough time to get everything done, either you procrastinate and end up hurriedly stuffing things into suitcases while trying to remember where you last saw your passport, or - in my case the more likely scenario - you are done packing 3 days in advance, and end up prowling the house with nothing to do AND nothing to wear but a couple of threadbare t-shirts originating from grade 8, an old bikini and a ball gown. Plus by virtue of being paranoid about forgetting things your to-do lists keep passing your mind like a mantra, interrupting your concentration on normal dinner conversations (as in "What would you like for lunch tomorrow, Janina?" "Um... wait did I make sure to check the vegetarian food option on my flight and also when does online check-in open and I still need to download some easy reading material onto my kindle" "Janina?" "What was the question?") In a way, it will be a relief once my plane lifts off. Then everything will be done, and what won't be done can't be done so it will be alright. Until then, I shall 

As well as download all free Kindle books that sound intriguing. 

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