Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thoughts from the airport

1. Travelling with one of those belly pouches - you know, the fanny pack for paranoids that you can wear under your clothes - may be safer, but it also makes you look at least 3 months pregnant. The two personas -easy pickpocket target vs pseudo-preggers lady - are in constant battle within me whenever I go travelling. Today pseudo-preggers won. Ah well, maybe at least I will maybe get treated with extra respect because of the "baby"? Also -side note - the fact that I am actually sorta of a pregnancy-appropriate age blows my mind.
2. The awesome fact that British Airways allows 23kg of hand luggage aboard is only slightly diminished by the fact that travelling with 23kg of hand luggage in addition to the 42 I checked is somewhat of a pain. You win some, you lose some.
3. Anybody else feel like travelling is so awesome cuz travel days are " free for all" days? You get to eat two suppers, can watch movies all night and read the remaining 3 hours without an inkling of bad conscience. I love it.
4. Oh how I wish to be one of those "I am traveling only with my purse and a second change of underwear" people. Maybe one day, when flying cross- continental isn't equivalent to several-year-moving business.
5. Daydreaming about getting on another flight than tour own, preferably to an exotic and as of yet undiscovered location, is the best.
6. No, wait - Free airport wifi is the best.

See you on the other side!

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