Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The revival of Wanderlust

The original idea for my Tour round the Adriatic came months ago, when I was contemplating my post-grad schedule and realized that I had a good month more at my disposal than I was used to, thanks to the weirdly different German university scheduling that starts classes only in October. I'd already be in Europe, travelling round Greece by public transportation might be a little risky (since strikes...), and I had wanted to see southern Croatia ever since I visited Zagreb and heard all backpackers at my hostel raving, so the choice of destination was an easy one. However, after working all summer, packing up my life for good and dealing with administrative things to last me at least another couple of years, traveling was the last thing on my mind and the (not labor -unintensive, to be perfectly honest) organization of couch surfing hosts only another thing on my to-do list. But now that I am looking down upon the alps from high above, now that the treno regionale is carrying me through picturesque terra cotta colored villages and the sun is shining oh so bright, I remember what the German words of Fernweh - the longing for faraway places, opposite of homesickness - and and Wanderlust - the irresistible urge to get away - are all about. Next stop: Bologna!

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