Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lush Lopud

Having arrived at 7 in Dubrovnik and only able to check into my hostel at noon, I decided to take advantage of the day to discover Lopud, one of the three Elafiti Islands just in front of Dubrovnik. This meant I had to lug my backpack around for the day, a choice I started to regret a little eventually (I had hoped to be able to store it either in the tourist information office or a larger hotel, but no dice) - ah well, just a reason to take the exploring a little slower!
Lopud has one main town, arranged round a beautiful crescent-shaped bay, and is apparently a favorite vacation destination for Russians gauging from the conversations I overheard. It is also pristinely untouched, with no cars on the island except for little golf carts rented out to all the wealthy Russians by the prissy luxury hotel that wouldn't store my bag :P. After a picknick lunch I gathered my strength and hiked to the ruins of the old castle on the very top of the island, from where one can enjoy an incredible view over the entire lush green island, over to the other two Elafiti - Islands Kolocep and Sipan, and all the way back to Dubrovnik. Taking an alternative path back down, I stumbled upon Lopud's sandy beach on the other side of the island from the main town, and my resolve was put to the test - I had originally decided to wait with bathing until I was all checked in back in Dubrovnik, since I had all my valuables on me, plus I wasnt even wearing my swimsuit. But here I was, hot and sweaty from an hour-long hike, and the crystal-clear Adriatic sea was beckoning. Ahhh, decisions! All of a sudden I see a more empty stretch of beach somewhat aside from the main beach traffic that seemed perfect to at least dip my feet in the sea. As I come closer, I see a sign. What are those letters? F..K..K... Oh, a nudist beach? And sure enough, as I look around the 5 other people around are indeed unclothed. Hm, but this stretch of beach is as good as inaccessible for random pickpockets because of the rockier surface, plus this would solve my bikini dilemma... And this is the story how I went nude bathing in the Adriatic. Best. Decision. Ever. And again shows how necessity is the mother of ingenuity sometimes. (P.S. and my stuff was fine, especially since I asked this nice Croatian lady to have an eye on it - lemme tell ya, it is also quite the experience to approach and start talking to a naked stranger :P)

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