Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh no, another blog...

So this is not to try and become famous, as Julie in 'Julie and Julia' wanted. Nor to give extensive life advice (from the 20 little years I have been on this planet...). Or to make people jealous of what an extraordinary glamorous lifestyle I lead (I don't). Instead, it's just supposed to be a travel diary. Well, I guess a travel-and-live diary for around a year and a half, maybe longer. Once I am out of town, so that I can keep in touch with friends and family and everybody who is interested where the hell I'm at. In my two weeks of travelling Eastern Europe in May, or in the gorgeous city of Petersburg in June. Visiting family in Berlin and friends in Switzerland in July. And then of course moving to the city of all cities, Paris, beginning August 2010. Having a blog also forces you to do blog-worthy things, and I definitely want to get out and about as much as possible during my time at Sciences Po, so there you go. There will be travelling, fun and monuments, don't fear. And there will be food. (I couldn't even prevent myself from naming the blog something food-related. Sigh.) Und der Blog wird wahrscheinlich etwas zweisprachig, odr velech druesprachig, ou bien on pourrait incluire une quatrième langue? Well, one is clear -- je vais voir la vie en rose... (and dominate the Eiffel Tower, just as in 2007) =)

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  1. Very good idea.
    and since you included your family, we wish you all the best on the way.
    And we will read the blog ...