Saturday, March 27, 2010

Splurging at the bookstore

So, you need to understand – I got up today, Friday, at 7.00 am to get to my conference and hand in my assignment. Then, I hiked through the bitter –10 degrees cold to send off my second scholarship application at the post office. And hiked back to school. Then, I set up a letter to our landlord stating that I wouldn’t be returning to our apartment in the next year. And then… I sighed. And searched my never-ending to-do list for fun things to do. Like to buy travel books. Cause they are really necessary, you know? it was then, and it all started off quite harmless – I do need a travel book for Eastern Europe. So I got the Lonely Planet edition, since I heard they had the best price-per-value ratio.  

Eastern Europe Lonely Planet

And then I realized that I really also needed a phrasebook for St. Petersburg if I didn’t want to be totally stranded with only my humungous dictionary as support. So I got this too:

lonely-planet-russian-phrasebook-8578208 And then Amazon told me that I only needed to spend $7 more to get free shipping! Since I was sure to pay around five to seven dollars anyway on shipping, I decided it would be better to invest that money in something tangible. Haha, but of course Amazon doesn’t have books for $7, that’s how they make all their profits – by tricking innocuous people like me into thinking they are making a better deal! Well, anyway, so here comes my third purchase:

Paris inside out Which, in hindsight, was a pretty wise purchase. It explains all considerations one must have when moving/living in Paris as opposed to just guiding you to the tourist attractions. I might still get a real Paris tour book, but this darling will hopefully help me avoid several Fettnaepfchen, as we say in German. And also, I got free shipping for all of my purchases! Let’s just say – lunchbreak was a success. If not for my bank account, then for my anticipation.

Then, after a group meeting in which we plotted to revive the Eurasian Empire (Russian politics class roleplay. It’s going to be sick.), and my last gym dance class for this year, I went to this play called “The Rhodes Less Travelled”, put on by some first year students. It ironically portrayed students applying to the prestigious Rhodes scholarship… And no, I haven’t seen myself reflected in any of those characters, thank goodness. Although, that girl with crazy eyes and dishevelled hair… No, just kidding. The actors were excellent, and so was the production in general. That is I guess #4 on my top favorite list – the frequent and affordable great plays that are put on all over campus. Letting yourself be entertained has never been easier. 

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