Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason has spoken...

... But the heart does not agree. After talking to my Russian professor, looking up more visa requirements, thinking about timelines, flights, and dreams, I think I am still going to pull the Petersburg thing through. It might be last-minute, it might be stressful, it will definitely be expensive - but hey, this is my summer of exploration, I'm 20, I want to travel, and it won't make me broke. So there we are. With the 3-day visa process, I could theoretically get the invitation letter at the beginning of May and I would still have enough time. I'm still applying for internships as a back-up plan, but I don't have the heart to give up on my dreams just yet - and will probably keep on following two summer plans at the same time for now. This means I will have to get behind applying for transfer credits now - but that should be worth it!

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