Monday, March 22, 2010

Things are happening!

Today is apparently a news-day, since I got good and bad news equally. The good developments totally outweigh the disappointments though… Let’s see:

1. I finally got the application link to Sciences Po! This means I now have a preliminary student number, and can fill out an application form with the usual information – address, personal information, I have to upload my letter of intent, my transcript and a passport picture again… I am a little nervous about this whole application process – what if Sciences Po doesn’t want me? On the other hand, apparently they have never turned a recommended student from McGill away, so it really would be a big coincidence if it were me. In order to submit the application, I also needed a proof of language proficiency, so I spent my lunch break filling out the online proficiency test of Sciences Po. As soon as they sent me back the results, and I have scanned my transcript and passport picture, I can submit the application and have one more thing ticked off of my to-do list. Yay!

2. I sent off the first out of three scholarship applications! Originally I wanted to send two, but in the last minute I realized that I needed a professor’s signature on my letter of intent – don’t ask me why. I’ll just ask my academic advisor to sign it. I’m only waiting for that and another prof’s letter of recommendation to send off the other two applications before April 1st – and then hopefully I’ll get some money money money for Paris!

3. I also got an e-mail back from the Russian Language Centre in St. Petersburg. They are super nice there, but the lady told me that it was not in her hands to fast-track the invitation letter process and that the letter should be ready on April 20th. Then she would mail it as quickly as possible to my prof, Mrs. Krasnova. I’m meeting with my prof tomorrow to ask how long the Russian consulate thing takes – maybe it can be done within a day or two, who knows? If not, I’ll have to seriously consider my other options for the summer… Looking into internships in Berlin, but I also considered just switching the Russian language course for a Spanish one and visiting my aunt for a bit… We shall see.

Phew, that’s all for now… Except that I am also meeting with my Russian PoliSci prof to talk her into taking me on as an Honours thesis candidate a year after next this afternoon. And there’s an info-meeting on studying abroad at 5. And the Sciences Po crew is going out for drinks afterwards. I’m not busy at all.

P.S. #2 of my favourite things in Montreal: The cold weather that makes you wear all kinds of things to keep you warm …  CIMG0785

… even the most hilarious hats. (I didn’t actually buy that one, though.)

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