Friday, May 7, 2010

Imagine a room completely without furniture…

… bare a bed and even that will be gone by tomorrow. The floor is covered in half-packed boxes, different-sized stacks of papers, a couple of books here and a backpack there; this is how I am living right now. Thus:


The noise in the backyard (my landlord is digging a hole there for whatever reason) plus the sunshine outside are not very conducive to changing that situation right now; I think I’ll just go read my tour book outside and come back and pack tonight. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

My hostels are all booked now; there are some very cool places that I’ll be staying at, so stay tuned! I figure that 17 – 20 Euros per night including breakfast is something I can easily afford, especially with the rest of the work of my part-time job that I finished off this week during a near all-nighter until 4am. So much to the unstressful last week in Montreal…

But no, I did have that; especially yesterday night when we went to see TOTEM, the Cirque du Soleil performance! It was not allowed to take photographs, so I only have what I was able to scavenge from the internet to show a little bit of the amazing atmosphere and performance. TOTEM is supposed to be a non-chronological representation of different stages of manhood; and sure enough, there were frog-like amphibic creatures on the uneven bars, monkeys hopping around, Native American-inspired performances with wooden hoops that the artist brought into amazing forms, futuristic artists balancing on vibrating bars… it’s really hard to explain. But the trailer on the website does give a good insight, so check it out!

UPDATE: After a last day in Montreal at the Botanical Gardens…




and at Patati Patata (go there! It’s really yummy!) my room is now fully empty and I am sitting at my parents’ place where I will stay for another week before departing on my adventures. Bye Montreal! Au revoir! I will be back!!!

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