Monday, May 31, 2010

St. Petersburg Fashion

Oh man, Russian students - Russian girls in general! - set totally different standards in fashion. Walk down Nevski Prospekt -which takes like an hour! It's freaking long!- and you will see 80% of Russian girls in high heels (you need to skillfully take away tourists, as well as they are masqueraded) and around 50% of them in hotpants or skirts that end well before the knee. And they are skinny. Mostly though, they need to hold on to a strong arm of their guy in order to even keep balance, which sort of sadly destroys the image of the fierce and independent woman. Nevertheless, St. Petersburg makes me feel perpetually under/wrongly dressed. Case in point: Today. The weather - blue sky in the morning (but it won't fool me again! That was the case on Saturday too and it rained throughout the day!). The wear - skirt with tights (babushka approved) and a shirt, but towing the rain jacket and umbrella along, cuz you never know. What would I have needed? A bikini, since after our first class, we discovered a beach where an astonishing amount of St. Petersburgians were exhibiting an astonishing amount of naked skin trying to reap the sun rays as long as the sun shone. Did it rain? Of course not. I mean, I had my umbrella with me.


  1. Musste laut lachen bei deinem Bericht (sagt man lol?)der St. Petersburger Mode - ich konnte mir lebhaft die stöcklenden Girls an den Armen ihrer Liebhaber vorstellen - so typisch... Ich denke sie wollen supermodern sein und sind dann doch etwas daneben...?
    Hast du das typische russische Sonnenbaden erlebt - stehend und die Arme erhoben um auch alle erdenklichen Körperteile zu bräunen?

  2. I had that experience in Ljubljana. Model like slovenian girls just taking a casual strolls in a shiny tight ultra short golden dress and stillettos. I felt like the kid who did not read the invitation till the end :) Nonetheless, I hope you are greatly enjoying life in Russia, and look forward to hearing your stories!